Charuta's Wedding

Charuta was your modern day Indian princess. With rich colors and detailed patterns surrounding the multiple dresses worn to the ceremony decorations we decided to keep the approach to makeup more gentle. Same concept for hair: full of volume and leave the intricacies to the jewelry.


The eyeshadow was less about color and more about the affect: soft glimmers as the light hits her face with a clean eyeliner flick. To finish off we kept it clean and flushed her cheeks and lips alike with pinks.


For the wedding rehearsal in her turquoise outfit we kept half-up/half-down since she had adorned the hairstyle with a beautiful golden headpiece. On the day of the wedding in her stunning red outfit we decided to keep it all down, full of volume and curly.

Don't waste your pretty,


Don't Waste Your Pretty

I love makeup. I like people who love makeup too. And beauty. And fashion, especially style.

I'm pro-female. Not exactly a feminist but I'm definitely a girl's girl. I always say my husband, dad, and brother are lucky that I love them...

I'm a mom to two young girls. As I stay on my grind and hustle, I balance it by making sure I keep my kids happy; always working on being more present in their lives.

Last but not least - I'm a New Yorker. Born and raised Bronx native. I truly live in the best city in the world.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, I think my explanation of what don't waste your pretty means will give you an even better idea of where I'm trying to go with it.

Don't waste your pretty is more than just about looks and what you should do more/less with it. Although its more than likely most of my post will be about that (beauty/fashion/style) - it's especially about females. Most importantly its about what females love the best about their fellow female friends. I can't promise we won't have moments of needing to give shade when shade is needed (cause when is it ever really wanted) Just know that I might vent but my love for GIRL POWER will outweigh those moments.

No bashing of the sexes although I won't deny I'll be more bias to my girlfriends :)

I want other woman to know that they are worth every bit of energy they give out to the world. Through their work, their relationships, their efforts to look/feel good. All of that - all right back to them. Obviously the good more than the bad but to talk like we'll have one without the other isn't realistic.

So, let's toast to the start of a relationship involving a lot of me (opening up, sharing, all that good girlfriend stuff) and you (hopefully reading and sharing your thoughts, ideas, all that good girlfriend AND guy friend stuff too).

Don't waste your pretty,