Makeup Appointments 101

Whether it's for your wedding day, a night out, or for an important meeting - when getting your face done you should always remember this: KEEP. IT. REAL. And I'm not just talking about how 'natural' you want to look. Honesty is the best policy to making sure we MU artist achieve the right look for you.


You are dishing out so much money on this day already, why not demand what you want??? I mean, don't be rude but definitely be blunt. Time is money with everything. Usually for brides MU artist not only provide the service on the day of but before; a trial. The trial is very important to lay out the groundwork of how you want to look the day of. Trials usually go up to two hours; with the back and forth of what the bride wants/doesn't want to different techniques being applied. We do all of this now so on the day of it only takes a max of 30 minutes to get the bride ready. Blueprint is there so the wedding day is all about smooth execution.


Okay, so time is really of an essence to make sure you get what you paid for. With that said, being honest with YOURSELF is very important. Do you want to look glamorous like a Kardashian or simply pretty like Natalie Portman? MU artists need to know how comfortable are you when it comes to foundation, concealer, eyeliner - EVVVVRYYYTHANG. So the more precise you are the better for us. 


These types of appointments are crucial to you because they are for an important encounter. Whether its for a meeting with people that can help you with work, a date, or possible/multiple run-ins with many influential individuals - you want your face to be on point. So, be aware of the environment you are about to enter. For example, let's take meetings. Are you meeting investors or are you meeting fashion showroom execs? If investors you would want to look more polish and simple. If you are meeting fashionistas then a bit more with a flick of eyeliner or clean red lip would make you stand out yet in trend. You see where I'm getting at? Your makeup should look as much the part as your outfit so make sure you express that to the MU artist. 

So...if you got anything front this post, remember:

  • Keep it real
  • Express what you are/aren't comfortable with
  • Know your environment

Wishing you the best on your next makeup appointment!

Don't waste your pretty,