Pins for Days

I'm in the process of growing my hair out. I'm thinking that I'm done with my whole platinum/silver/gray hair phase. Note: I would like to emphasize that I said 'thinking.' Don't hold me accountable for reneging if I decide to keep on my 2+ years obsession with hair lightening. #blondesdohavemorefun

"Hmm...What shall I attempt to do...?"

"Hmm...What shall I attempt to do...?"

With that said, I have to come up with creative ways to keep my up-do's...up. Here is one of my favorite looks whether I have long or short hair (though it works easier when I do have long hair). I call it the hair halo. It's basically a wrap-around twist where the hair is parted to where ever you're most comfortable with.

Isn't it cute?! Only pain-in-the-ass thing is I have to literally pin the shit out of it (Side Note: I do have a potty mouth. I have kids and I can't do it on the regular around them. Not that I have a cuss-o-meter goal. It just rolls out. So you have to be my ear if you decide to continue reading my blog. Cool? Okay, thanks).

My tip with short hair and this look: the messier and non-formal you make it, the better. I find that the bobby pins work great as hair accessories that compliment my roots. Stretching - yes, but tell me it's not cute...That's what I thought. I did this all with leave-in treatment; no hairspray or gel. Kudos to me :P

Don't waste your pretty,