Yum Yummy At Num Pang

I travel around ALOT especially in the city and always past by University Place down in Union Square. And when I'm down there I pass by this particular shop that finally got my full attention.

I read the awning and it said, "num pang." Num pang. Num Pang. Num. Pang........Holy shit! NUM PANG! NUM PANG IS CAMBODIAN FOR SANDWICH! THIS IS A CAMBODIAN FOOD SHOP! I GOTTA CHECK IT OUT! I'M CAMBODIAN!

Well, I'm American but my parents are from Cambodia. I was excited okay - sue me. It's really rare to see Cambodian influences within NYC specifically Manhattan so when it clicked I thought it was pretty cool and had to get something. Partially cause of patronage but really I still eat the cuisine today; I wanted to taste someone else's spin on it. 


And it did not disappoint. The menu is focused on sandwiches which are similar to the well known bΓ‘nh mΓ¬ a.k.a. Vietnamese sandwich. It's a classic taste that definitely conjures a familiar mix of vegetables and flavors when you think about it. The signature ingredients starts off with a super soft baguette filled with sliced cucumbers, pickled carrots, crispy-fresh cilantro and slabbed with spicy chili mayo. Then, you fill it in with your protein which is primarily pork. I like mine with some pΓ’tΓ© spread. Here at Num Pang Sandwich Shop I decided to go with one of their seasonal specialties: the five-spiced glazed pork belly. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.

Definitely go check it out. You can arkoun me later (that's thank in Cambodian :)

Don't waste your pretty,