Joping Keo

A native New Yorker, Joping Keo has made a name for herself as a makeup artist, hair stylist, and beauty consultant within the industry.

Joping is a reflection of her Cambodian heritage and American influence. Her urban edge and multicultural upbringing are the foundation to her approach in beauty: modern, fresh, and rural for a bit of classic appeal. Joping's ability to find ways to mix things up and make it work together is what makes her a great creator and collaborator within beauty & fashion.

Starting in 2004 with the basic esthetics as a makeup consultant Joping’s network soon expanded as she continued to apprentice well-respected artists. By 2007 she helped curate looks for hip-hop fashion labels like Enyce while working with reputable sports lines like Fila and New Era. Joping lent a hand tailoring up-and-coming talent at music labels such as RCA Records and Jive Records.

Joping expanded her experience in beauty by taking on the business aspect. She decided to take her sales and consumer experience to work the design department at Estée Lauder Companies, and soon after at InStyle Magazine contributing to the Makeover & Wedding Special Issues. Her most recent venture was with L’Oréal USA building collateral for artist educational development. Exceeding expectations anyone would place on just a ‘makeup artist’ she took all her talents and applied it to her next role with the company assisting beauty show production and event planning.

Joping’s well-rounded knowledge of beauty comes in three aspects: as the consumer, as the artist, and as the business insider. Her portfolio throughout the years only has grown to incorporate work she has done with Vênsette and She provides excerpts for blogs and shared techniques with those who love and follow her work. It’s undeniable that Joping’s passion is not only selling the product but also providing the best service of beauty to those who appreciate it.